Therapeutic Carriage Driving

Vinceremos is continuing to develop new programs for riders that will benefit them physically, cognitively and emotionally.  Our newest program, therapeutic carriage driving, has been in development for nearly two years and is spearheaded by Susan Guinan.  Susan is passionate about extending horsemanship opportunities to all people regardless of their abilities, and we eagerly share her anticipation for the introduction of this program to new clients.

Therapeutic driving provides opportunities for individuals who may not otherwise be able to participate in traditional riding programs.  Though drivers are seated in a carriage behind the horse, the program is no less challenging than riding.  Drivers become a team with their equine partner as both must work together to achieve the sequencing and maneuvering of carriage driving.  The unique movements associated with carriage driving also benefit drivers with restricted mobility.  

The reach of carriage driving is increasing within the equestrian community.  Events for competition and leisure are growing, and therapeutic drivers are competing worldwide alongside able bodied competitors.  Vinceremos looks forward to growing this program in the coming year!